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Executive Officers

Doris Rollins
Doris RollinsPresident
Join in 2011

Background: Nursing, plus 30 years in management and administration in healthcare and telecommunications

Why Volunteer: “I enjoy being focused on making a difference for seniors who are loving life in the second half”

Phyllis Tumey
Phyllis Tumey1st Vice President
Joined in 1999

Professional: Facility/Administrative Manager for Honeywell

Why Volunteer: “Volunteering is fun at the Castle Rock Senior Activity Center”

Sherry Fogleman
Sherry FoglemanSecretary
Joined in 2014

Background: Executive Assistant to CEOs of several companies

Why Volunteer: “The Center is a wonderful lifeline for many seniors, and I enjoy being able to help make that happen”

Chuck Pauley
Chuck PauleyTreasurer
Joined in 2014

Background: CPA with 30 years as an accountant and 12 as a professor of accounting for non-profits

Why Volunteer: “I love putting my skills to use (and it keeps Grandpa off the streets!!)”

Al Wonstolen
Al WonstolenCommunity Liaison
Joined in 1990

Background: Administrator in heavy manufacturing for power generation

Why Volunteer: “My life is good and I’d like others to have a good life”

Kathy Stumpf
Kathy StumpfMembership Chairperson
Joined in 2015

Background: Forty years in corporate communications and human resources

Why Volunteer: “Nothing’s more rewarding than connecting with people”

Dave Meyer
Dave MeyerSports Chairman
Joined in 2008

Background: Telecom executive and presently an Executive Coach

Why Volunteer: “It is my nature to help others, and, as a senior myself, I know that we can all use some help”

Jon Hendricks
Jon HendricksTransportation Chairman
Joined in 2016

Background: 35+ years in commercial construction with Gerald H Phipps in Denver, after 8 years in USAF

Why Volunteer: “The joy I experience with the people I serve makes this so very rewarding to me personally”