Executive Board of Directors – Officers

Phyllis Tumey
Phyllis TumeyPresident
Joined in 1999

Professional: Facility/Administrative Manager for Honeywell

Why Volunteer: “Volunteering is fun at the Castle Rock Senior Activity Center”

Jon Hendricks
Jon HendricksExecutive Vice-President
Joined in 2016

Background: 35+ years in commercial construction with Gerald H Phipps in Denver, after 8 years in USAF

Why Volunteer: “The joy I experience with the people I serve makes this so very rewarding to me personally”

Sherry Fogleman
Sherry FoglemanSecretary
Joined in 2014

Background: Executive Assistant to CEOs of several companies

Why Volunteer: “The Center is a wonderful lifeline for many seniors, and I enjoy being able to help make that happen”

Steve Lockwood
Steve LockwoodTreasurer
Joined in 2013

Background: Planning and execution of budgets for U.S. Department of the Interior and IT Director for the Office of the District Attorney in Jefferson and Gilpin Counties. Ten years in the U.S. Army.

Why Volunteer: “Because I have the time to give back to my community”.

Ed Mattix
Ed MattixVice-President - Transportation
Joined in 2019

Background: 40+ years in Corporate Communications, Marketing and Branding.

Why Volunteer: Helping others is important to me and our transportation services help so many.

Board of Directors-Committee Chairman

Patty Hasty
Patty HastyActivities Chairman
Joined in 2017

Background: Worked in accounting for 45 years.

Why Volunteer: So many wonderful people who are enjoying this time in their lives.

Cynthia Timmons
Cynthia TimmonsSports Chairperson
Joined in 2019

Background: IT Project Manager and Operations Director for Oracle Technical Consulting.

Why Volunteer: I feel passionate about valuing seniors and keeping them integrated in society.