How we Operate

The Castle Rock Senior Center, Inc., was first started by a small group of people in Douglas County as a Senior Citizen Club in late 1971, now known as the Castle Rock Senior Activity Center with a membership that’s grown to more than 1000.

CRSAC is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization and is responsible for obtaining all funding to operate the nearly $600,000 budget.  Funding is obtained from many sources, including a partnership with the Town of Castle Rock, including a service agreement to provide services to local seniors along with financial support for programming.  In addition, the Town provides the space for the Center in the Recreation Center building, including support services.

Grants through Douglas County, DRCOG and a variety of private foundations and organizations provide funding for transportation services, health and wellness services, scholarship programs and more.  Grant writing and administering of the funds is ongoing.  Individual and corporation donations are always accepted, either restricted to specific needs or non-restricted as applied where needed.  Membership dues are collected, but they are kept to a minimum due to the fixed income of the senior population.  A number of ongoing fundraising events take place annually and provide the balance of the operating revenue.

CRSAC is governed by a Board of Directors.  The Executive Board is elected by the general membership to two year terms.  The Executive Board hires the Executive Director, appoints committee chairpersons, and sets policy for the Center.

The full-time paid staff consists of an Executive Director, Assistant Director & Events/Project Coordinator, Transportation/Office Manager, Volunteer Coordinator, Activity Coordinator/Newsletter Editor and Front Desk Coordinator.  Part-time staff includes a Kitchen Coordinator.  All other functions are accomplished by utilization of our many wonderful volunteers who provided over 11,426 hours in 2022.

Staff Job Descriptions

Executive Director

Assistant Director & Events/Project Manager

Activities Manager/Newsletter Editor

Transportation Manager

Volunteer/Meal Program Manager

Activities/Kitchen Coordinator

Front Desk Coordinator/Admin Asst.

Board Job Descriptions


Executive Vice-President

Membership/Outreach Vice President



Immediate Past President

Activities Chairman

Community Liaison Chairman

Sports Chairman

General Monthly Board Meeting

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